The Car Coin program is designed to gain positive feedback and increase the number of members in Frasindo Rent Overall rewards offered by Car Coin consist of several categories, namely entertainment, e-commerce, lifestyle, culinary, hotel, mall, retail, tour and travel. Vacation is not always a matter of spending money or wasteful. By vacationing using Car Coin, we can make the cost of the holiday to be cheaper even for free. Currently the holiday is not just a lifestyle, but has become a necessity. Did you know, this holiday activity has a myriad of benefits, there are :

  1. Reduce stress

Vacationing to an exotic place can reduce the risk of blood pressure, help you sleep better, and bounce back from stress. Besides vacationing can make you happier and feel more energy. This good benefit can last you for at least more than two weeks after coming home on vacation.

  1. Get out of the monotonous routine

Going on vacation means you are taking a break from the routine of your daily activities. Enjoying places of interest during a holiday will recharge your energy. Vacation is like a therapy that makes a change from daily routine. This will prevent the body and mind from monotony.

  1. You will be more active

Going on vacation will make you more active, such as rafting, hiking, snorkling or playing beach volleyball. During your vacation you will also be required to do more things than usual.

  1. Train you to adapt

When you are vacationing you will meet different situations and conditions that are different from usual. That’s when you’ll be trained to get lulled. For example when hiking, the body will learn to reside with the cold mountain temperatures. When traveling the beach you will learn to be in the hot weather. Not infrequently you will also be required to reside with the culture and norms in the place you are visiting. Surely this is very beneficial for your life, especially when you meet a big change in your life, you will not be surprised because it is accustomed to adjust.

  1. Getting new friends and insights

Vacationing allows you to meet new friends from around the world. Socializing with your new friends will give you new knowledge. You will find new cultures that are unique or may learn a new language. It may even be that you have a conversation with your new friend about a promising business.

  1. Improve relationships with people you love

The busy of work make your time with your family to be limited. Vacationing will give you the opportunity to spend more quality time with your spouse and children with no distraction from job duty responsibilities. Conducting holiday activities together will strengthen your relationship with your loved ones.