Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Startup companies are now becoming a phenomenon of the business world. These internet-based companies have sprung up with various business models and have begun to shift conventional companies.

Unlike conventional companies, startups that have unique business models will quickly have large valuations and hold unicorn status or have a valuation above US $ 1 billion even though they do not have real assets.

CB Insights reports that as of August 2018 there are 274 companies that hold unicorn startup status with a total valuation of US $ 842 billion, equivalent to Rp. 12,461.6 trillion.

Startups that have the highest valuation in the world today turn out to be from a ride-hailing sector. The first rank is Uber Technologies with a valuation of US $ 72 billion.

Uber has become a ride sharing company that has operated in more than 15 countries. Uber provides a service to share a car, bicycle, boat ride and is now trying to develop a flying car.

Second place, Didi Chuxing with a valuation of US $ 56 billion. The company was nicknamed Uber China and managed to expel Uber from the Chinese market after acquiring the Uber China unit in 2017. Now Didi is trying to expand abroad.

The third rank is Airbnb with a valuation of US $ 29.3 billion. This is a marketplace that provides lodging rental services.

Fourth place is SpaceX with a valuation of US $ 21.5 billion. SpaceX is an outdoor transportation company owned by Elon Musk. The company has just planned a month-long flight in 2023.

The fifth rank is Palantir Technologies with a valuation of US $ 20 billion. This is a Bigdata company from the United States.

Then what is the Indonesian Unicorn startup valuation?

There are only three Indonesian unicorns that are on the CB Insights list. Namely, Traveloka, Go-Jek, and Bukalapak. Traveloka’s valuation even beat Go-Jek.

Traveloka has a valuation of US $ 2 billion. Traveloka is a ticket sales marketplace startup ranging from airline tickets to hotel rooms. Go-Jek’s valuation is only US $ 1.8 billion. Go-Jek is an online transportation company that is exploring the Vietnamese market.

Bukalapak’s valuation reached US $ 1 billion. Bukalapak is an e-commerce startup or online store.

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