It does not matter if you already heard about it or not, but Fras coin is ready to change how the games should play out. As a company which has been the official partner for some prominent mass transportation such as Grab, Uber, and Go-car, there are a lot to look forward to from this kind of business. In Indonesia, Fras coin seems to be really having a bright future. Not only does it have benefits in the form of free car coin or voucher, but there are many things else making it more demanding. Here are some reasons why Fras Coin will grow into something that brings excitements particularly for the holders and generally for the country.

  1. The Growing Population

Indonesia’s ranking when it comes to total population is in the top 5 in the world. To be exact, Indonesia is the 4th populous country on earth after China, India, and United State of America. The increasing number of its population is one of the factors of the increase of transportation necessity in the near future.  With a business that has a core in providing assets for transportation, Frasindo has taken the lead and it is ready to cover up what the next generation needs when it comes to transportation. The other benefits it brings will also become the plus points for the existence of Fras Coin and Frasindo itself. Furthermore, future generation may also be able to come up with more brilliant ideas and innovation that can step up the level of this business

  1. Governmental Support

Indonesian government has been really supportive for mass transportation industry. It is proven by the legalization of Uber, Grab, and Go-Car to build their company and expand their business here. This regulation has also grown new public interest in transportation preferences. In Indonesia, people tend to prefer to hop on online-based transportation to the conventional ones. Recently, this phenomenon lit up a new debate if the government should prohibit the expansion of online transportation because it affects the income of those who run conventional transportation business. As a developing country in the middle of an inevitable change and modernization, there is no way to turn back, meaning, Indonesia cannot deny the fact that online transportation is what the society needs. Therefore, instead of fully prohibiting Uber, Grab, and Go-Car, the government has encouraged the innovators to incorporate the conventional transportation and help them go digital.