– Sugiarto (40), a Kalideres resident, West Jakarta, admitted that he learned to withdraw taxis online, after the act of freezing and theft of online taxi vehicles which he experienced on June 10.

Luckily, the Tangerang Metro Police police managed to uncover the perpetrators and return the evidence of the online taxi vehicle, after the victim was dumped by the perpetrator in the middle of the rice fields.

“Feeling traumatized, but I don’t know what else to do,” he said at the Tangerang Metro Mapolres on Saturday (23/6).

Sugiarto explained that he had only attracted online taxis in the past two weeks, because he had worked as a private driver everyday.

“Just two weeks online listing, this car has someone else. I rent it, pay daily to the one I have,” said this tiny body.

When disclosed by the police, the black Toyota Avanza was being used by the perpetrator. But with different number plates the actors replace it with the D code.

“When we secure it is being used for sale, with different number plates to trick us,” said Harry.

Sugiarto added, before the incident and the theft took place, he felt he was not suspicious of the movements of the two perpetrators.

At that time, both of them rose from Harmoni, West Jakarta and asked to be delivered to the Alam Sutera area, Tangerang city.

“When I arrived at the delivery point, I ducked to finish the application, suddenly my neck was snared, and the next passenger asked me to be quiet while pointing a gun,” said Sugiarto.

Sugiarto, who was given the key to his taxi car, said he was grateful the police could quickly arrest and recover the rental car.

“Thank you very much sir, thank God, I was very dizzy, finally I could return the car,” said Sugiarto crying with emotion and hugging the police.