Fras coin is a system that does not use the third parties. In essence, records of transactions that have occurred, stored by many computers scattered in the network itself. So it would be harder to hack a system of hundreds or thousands of computers, and chances are small for all of those computers to be interrupted at the same time. more explanation about fras coin from investor side of cryptocurrency.

  1. Open-source and Transparent

It is important to understand that fras coin is transparent. If you are a developer who can read fras coin, you can verify your own code what is written, for example on Bitcoin:

  • How much Bitcoin supply at startup (Genesis block)
  • What is the rate of Bitcoin inflation (to understand demand and supply)

If you compare it to a common currency of a country (eg US Dollar), which is usually controlled by the central bank (Federal Reserve in the United States), ordinary people like us will never know how much new money will be printed in the future, next year; Or what is the bank interest rate next year. With cryptocurrency, all of these can be verified in the written code.

  1. Decentralized / Not Centralized

Cryptocurrency is a scattered system, in which no single person or company controls it. Fras coin is not located on a central server, it is operated by a company, but is spread across thousands of computers on the multi-blokchain networks.

  1. Supply and Inflation Level is Clear (Data Available)

Because fras coin is transparent, we can know exactly how many cryptocurrency supplies there are and how many will be printed in the future. Why is Supply Important? Everything in the world that can be sold and bought has a price. And the price of everything is always dependent on supply and demand (demand and supply). Imagine if everyone in the world has an apple tree that can produce an unlimited number of apples, of the same quality. So the price of apples will be very cheap and maybe even close to 0, because it is useless to buy something that you can produce yourself whenever you want.

  1. Immutable (Can’t be Canceled)

Whatever has happened and confirmed in fras coin, can not be canceled. So if you have made a mistake in transferring your funds to the wrong address, your funds are lost – unless the owner of the recipient account is kind enough to refund your funds.

The concept is the same as stocks. To understand the price or value of a company, we need to understand how the market capitalization of the company, which can be obtained from the number of shares multiplied by the share price. Future income and profit margin are also important, but this is a separate topic.