TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, TANAH ABANG – An online taxi was wrecked in the front due to being hit by a KRL on the doorway around Jalan Administrasi 1, Petamburan, Central Jakarta on Wednesday (2/1/2019).

Joni, a fried food merchant around the location, said the driver hurriedly wanted to go to the passenger location.

“The driver rushed to the passenger location, but when the incident happened, he was immediately assisted by the local residents to be rescued. The incident happened when it was zuhur, around 12 noon,” he said on location on Wednesday (2/1/2019).

While other residents, Amin said the driver had wanted to retreat from around the rail but the bar was closed.

“Yes, I want to back down, but I don’t have time. So the front part is wrinkled,” he said.

Amin continued now that the car and driver were taken by the police to the Central Jakarta Metro Police Satlantas office.

“The police had already taken the car,” Amin explained.

Monitoring from at the location at 2:10 a.m. WIB, traffic returned to normal, and so did KRL traffic.