The police action chases Doni Apriansyah (20) and Suryana Septian (28), two youths stabbing the online taxi driver , in Purbaleunyi Toll Road KM 108 B ends at Pasar Rebo, Purwakarta, West Java, on Wednesday 14 June 2017.

Based on information compiled by the Purwakarta Police Department, the two suspects who were residents of Jakarta initially ordered an application-based taxi service online. Lthe service was later received by Endri (24), the driver. They made an appointment in the area of Panglima Polim, South Jakarta.

“The suspect asked to be escorted to Karawang to meet the parents of the suspect, but it was not and even met a smart person,” said officer PJR Cipularang, Aiptu Tegug Subiyantoro in Mapolres Purwakarta, Wednesday, June 14, 2017.

After escorted to Karawang, they then asked to be escorted to Bandung in return for a normal fee of Rp 500 thousand. Arriving in Bandung, they had time to rest on the roadside. However, both asked victims to return to Jakarta.

“On the road, at KM 108 B, when the victim pulled over to the side of the road to urinate, the suspect stabbed the victim and tried to take over the car.The victim was then pushed into the car, but the victim ran away,” he said.

Sone of the suspects had time to chase the victim with a carry senjata tajam. However, the victim was allowed to flee. The victim then reported the incident to PT Jasa Marga officials.

“From the report, the police carried out the insulation, including pursuing a suspect carrying a Daihatsu car with police number B 2437 BKA,” he said.

Separately, on Jalan Veteran, Brigadier Bibin and Brigadier Evan are managing traffic. Voice on the radio reported there was a pursuit of the perpetrators of stealing vehicles Avanza belonging to the victim.

“It was right before the eyes of the vehicle passed in front of the eyes, we immediately chased using a motorcycle,” said Bibin.

Action chase that continues in Purwakarta artery path city. Because panic, stabbing and car thieves sopir taksi online it crashed into other vehicles and sidewalks in Pasar Rebo area. The second escape finally stopped.

“Immediately both can be secured for further examination by Satreskrim Polres Purwakarta,” said Bibin.