, BALIKPAPAN – The murder carried out by Darmadi alias Anca against an online taxi driver named Handarri in Sepinggan Village, South Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Tuesday (12/6) was fairly sadistic.

It was revealed in the reconstruction that was held in the courtyard of the Balikpapan Police Station on Wednesday (25/7).

Anca wore an orange prison suit and demonstrated 62 scenes.

He doesn’t talk much. His gaze was cold and empty. His eyes turned red. He carried out every instruction given by Balikpapan Police Precinct investigators.

In the eleventh scene, Anca points his airsoft gun from the car to the victim’s head.

Anca spewed five shots that made the victim lose control.

As a result, Daihatsu Ayla KT 1713 ZS which was driven by the victim hit a mound on the side of the road.

When the car stops, Handarri is still able to save itself by getting out of the vehicle.

However, Anca pursued Handarri and again spewed airsoft gun bullets until the victim fell to the ground.

“He (Anca) shot the victim again, right about the face in the 18th scene,” said AKP Balikpapan Police Criminal Investigator Makhfud Hidayat as reported by the Prokal page, Thursday (7/26).

Although he was repeatedly shot, Handarri was still breathing. However, Anca was even more violent.

He took the jack and struck it on the nape of the victim.

In the 27th scene revealed when Handarri exhaled his last breath.

“After being killed, the victim was dragged by the suspect into far deeper into the bush,” said Makhfud.

Based on the recount, the authorities found a new fact, namely Anca stole Handarri’s cellphone.

Therefore, Anca was also charged with Article 365 of the Criminal Code concerning Theft with Violence.

“The minimum sentence is five years in prison,” said Makhfud.

He added, Anca was also charged with Article 338 of the Criminal Code concerning Murder with a maximum threat of 20 years in prison.