Otomania.com – It has become a way of life for humans, which sometimes is above, sometimes below, as well as the artists of the country.

If they used to live lavishly, after they were no longer selling artists, their fate changed 360 degrees.

As happened in some of these artists, these 3 artists chose to become taxi drivers online because they were no longer selling well in the entertainment world.

Unmitigated, even this artist was forgotten even though he used to adorn the screen, from singers to artist roles.

Who are they? Next, Sripoku.com summarizes from various sources.

1. Aris Idol

Aris Idol

Aris Idol
Aris, who is a graduated singer of Indonesian Idol, finally made a living by becoming an online taxi driver.

As reported by kompas.com, Aris also revealed the reason for being an online taxi driver.

“Because of the need. I feel this year (the job as a singer) is really empty from before. It seems like I feel really hard. Finally I decided to be a driver, I’m just one application,” said Aris.

2. Darti Manulang

Darti Manulang

Darti Manulang
Artists who often act as antagonists of this evil woman are also known to work as online taxi drivers.

As reported by tribunnews.com, after rarely appearing on the screen, it was finally discovered that Darti Manulang is now an online taxi driver.

Darti Manulang’s photo while being an online taxi driver was uploaded by Instagram gossip account @lambe_turah.

In the photo it appears to tie his hair.

While the car he uses to carry passengers is the Toyota Rush.

3. Dallas Primary

Dallas Pratama

Dallas Pratama
The handsome actor Dallas Pratama is also known to switch professions as an online taxi driver.

As reported by the Instagram @igtainment gossip account, I uploaded a screenshot photo from netizens who used an online taxi service, which turned out to be the Dallas Pratama driver.

“Artists who are drivers are really good and not arrogant, that is really jammed and the rates are cheap but super patient,” said the netizen.

Various comments came in response to the fate of Dallas Pratama who became an online taxi driver.

“Cool. The important thing is halal. God willing, it is for the family …” said a netizen.

“The artist’s profession is not ashamed to be a crazy driver, the important thing is to make lawful money,” praised other netizens.

“Now life does not need any prestige, the work that is important is lawful and does not harm others …” said another netizen.

While the job is making money that is lawful, why not?