GPS navigation, GPS tracker and car camera are the features provided by Frasindo Rent. In this time I will explain about one of the features of security and convenience in Frasindo Rent, it is a car camera. With this feature, the members can monitor their assets every time and everywhere. Car cameras, also called dashboard cameras, or DVR cars, are actually recording devices taped to the car’s windshield to capture the entire incident on your journey in good quality. Equipped with a wide angle lens, this camera is prepared for the size of the road with a wide viewing angle.

In this time, this feature is used by many drivers. This feature can also help the driver in driving. When the crime happens, this camera can be evidence of this emergency situation. Here are some benefits of using car camera that you may have not expected before:

First, Avoiding the feelings carried out under the guise of an accident. Drivers who have car camera features can pick up the case, sometimes when someone is having a collision they will blame each other between some parties involved in the condition. The taped recording on the car camera can be concrete evidence to find out who is right or wrong in the condition.

Second, Easing Insurance claims about an accident. With the camera on the dashboard you can help the insurance company for the purpose of your experience, so they can be easier to know if you are worthy to get the claim Insurance.

Third, Car camera can use when the car is parked. The incidents that we do not want often happen when the car is out of sight. When the vehicle in parking area, there are many criminal incidents can happen. This camera can record the incident when the car is far from us.

Fourth, Car camera can minimize misuse of vehicle usage. Usually the car camera system that installed in the car will light up if the car is turned on. In case your vehicle is borrowed by someone else and happens that you do not want, the recording in it can help you to make compensation. You can easily find out where your vehicle is. Some car camera devices are equipped with GPS. So you can easily tracking the vehicle through a laptop or smartphone by connected to the internet.

So let’s join with Frasindo Rent and enjoy the various advantages. With the best features provided by Frasindo will make you feel safe and comfortable.