The government was asked to involve consumer voices when compiling the revised Permenhub 108/2017 regarding online transportation. – The Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) Presidium, Soegeng Purnomo reminded the government to involve consumer voices in drafting regulations in lieu of the Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) 108/2017 concerning Special Rental Transportation Operations or Online Transportation.

Soegeng said in the previous regulation, the voice of the community as consumers was underrepresented. According to Soegeng, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) accommodates the voice of business people.

“Our country adheres to the intercontinental legal system, where every government decision comes from the results of deliberations. However, in terms of online taxis yesterday, the deliberations only involved business people, not involving consumers,” Soegeng told Tirto on Friday (9/21/2018) .

He asked the Ministry of Transportation not only to prioritize sectoral interests. It is necessary to consider aspects of other sectors contained in the highest rules, such as Law 20/2008 concerning MSMEs, and Law 8/1999 concerning Consumer Protection.

“This has all been conveyed by the Supreme Court’s verdict. So, it will be a waste if it is not heeded in the preparation of the new Minister of Transportation Regulation. Don’t just use horse glasses just by looking at sectoral interests,” he said.

Cancellation of Permenhub to arrange online taxis has been sued for the third time, tested, and the result has been rejected by MA. “So the Ministry of Transportation should be better able to know what kind of Candy should be made. Unlike the 108/2017 which some of the articles are only copy-paste from Permenhub 26/2017,” he said.

Furthermore, he said the Ministry of Transportation must be able to work quickly by considering all suggestions from various stakeholders. Only 3 months of time the Ministry of Transportation has to complete the regulation of new online taxis. The Supreme Court has given 90 days since the Supreme Court’s decision came out, for the Ministry of Transportation to issue a replacement regulation.

Before the new Permenhub 108/2017 was replaced, the regulation is still valid in the meantime. If it exceeds the specified time, of course there will be a legal vacuum.

“Regulation of Minister cannot be born, consequently it will use the previous rules. The problem is that the previous regulations have also been canceled by the Supreme Court, so there is the potential for a legal vacuum. This is dangerous. The solution, the Ministry of Transportation must immediately, immediately, take steps to make regulations just before 3 months, “he said.

The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) is drafting regulations in lieu of Minister of Transportation No. 108 of 2017 concerning Special Rental Transportation Operations or Online Transportation, which was annulled by the Supreme Court (MA). Some external Ministry of Transportation are planned to be involved in the preparation, including the Land Transport Organization (Organda), the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI), and the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI).