, JAKARTA – Member of the House of Representatives Commission V Muhidin Mohamad Said proposed polemics of taxis and motorcycle taxis online enough to be accommodated in regional regulations. Because, not all regions require the presence of these online transportation.

“So, the rules for taxis and motorcycle taxis are sufficiently accommodated by local regulations. That is, it applies locally, according to regional needs, “Muhidin said to Business on Wednesday (9/26).

The statement follows a complaint from the association of online transport drivers who complained to Commission V and asked the Ministry of Transportation to revise the Road Traffic and Transportation Act (LLAJ).

“So, at that time we listened to input from the perpetrators. They convey their aspirations, then we submit the proposal to the DPR’s Expertise Board, “he said.

He said that with the existing law, the Ministry of Transportation only accommodates with the Minister of Transportation or regional regulations which include rules on driver protection and consumer safety protection.

Previously, Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi, said that Law No. 22/2009 is still quite relevant to current conditions.

“I am in principle the same as Kakorlantas [Head of the Indonesian Police Traffic Corps], we see Law 22/2009 still relevant, so it does not need to be revised,” Budi told Business on Thursday (9/9/2018).

In addition, if the revision of Law 22/2009 is carried out only to accommodate online transportation, Budi asserted that online taxis are actually sufficiently accommodated with the presence of the Minister of Transportation, both Permenhub 108/2017 and the new Minister of Transportation to be formed by the director general of land transportation.

According to him, even if the revision was urgent, he suggested that the DPR begin discussing the LLAJ Bill after the political year, considering that it took quite a long time to discuss the revision of the law, while in 2019 it had entered the Presidential Election and Legislative Election.

“The issue of online motorcycle taxis is long [discussion]. It needs an opinion from experts, experts to YLKI [Lemga aKonsumen Indonesia Foundation] to see whether ojek is worthy of being called public transportation or not, “he said.

For information, earlier this week, Commission V of the House of Representatives conducted a meeting of the Working Committee or Panja Revised LLAJ Law. This revision is carried out to adjust to changes that already exist in the transportation system in Indonesia, including application-based transportation.

The rules regarding application-based transportation have not been included in Law No. 22/2009 concerning LLAJ which is currently in force. In addition, the use of motorbikes as a means of public transportation has not been regulated.

Previously motorcycles were not included in public transportation. However, in the LLAJ draft bill submitted by the DPR Expertise Agency, motorbikes became temporary public vehicles.