Online Taxi was born from the word “taxi” and “online”. Taxi is a means of transportation in the form of four-wheel vehicles such as cars with various types and types. While the word “online” according to the language dictionary I’ve read means “in the network” or connect to the internet. So the meaning of online taxi is a taxi that can be ordered through the internet network. Taxi is a non-private transport which is generally a sedan and can refer to other public transport other than cars carrying passengers in small capacity. Understanding Online is the state of the computer connected / connected to the Internet network. So if your computer is online, it can access the internet or browsing for searching the informations in the internet. Online is the opposite of Offline. The word online comes from the word on and line, on means live, line means channel.

In recent years quite a lot of people are choosing to resign from their jobs and switch professions into online transportation partners. Online transportation in Indonesia itself is divided into two namely two-wheel transportation (motorcycle taxi) and four wheels (taxi). For the most popular two-wheeler online transportation is Go-Jek and followed by other online motorcycle taxis. Then for four-wheel online transportation there are Uber, Grab-Car, and also Go-Car. Here are some interesting things that you get if you join an online taxi driver in Frasindo Rent:

  1. Not Wasting Time As a Driver

If usually conventional taxi drivers have to wait to get passengers, then not for the online taxi drivers. As you know that every online taxi has its own app that can be easily accessed by prospective passengers and also the taxi partners online. With this application, you as a driver does not take a long time to get passengers. This is because the market demand is high enough to be an online taxi. So most likely when finished with the first trip, you can already get other passengers afterwards.

  1. The system is transparent

The transparent and clear financial system certainly makes many people want to join an online taxi partner. Given the clarity in payments, the amount of income, tariffs and so on makes the partners feel safe and calm while working. Maybe this is one of the waiting taxis online when compared with conventional taxis.