TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A policy to replace Permenhub 108/2017 to regulate rental services for online taxis is targeted to be completed in October. Director General of Land Transportation Budi Setiyadi said next week it would invite representatives from applicator companies, online taxi driver associations, organda to raharja services to discuss the policy.

After the Supreme Court (MA) canceled a number of articles contained in Minister of Transportation Regulation (PM) No. 108 of 2017 concerning the Implementation of People Transportation with Non-Route Public Vehicles, the Ministry of Transportation ensured that it would not emerge the old rules as before.

One of the points that was canceled was the rules regarding stickers, instead the Ministry of Transportation would apply a special code to online taxis. This aims to make it easier for police to know which taxi vehicles are online and not.

Furthermore, Budi ensured that the rules being formed would not be rejected by online taxi operators. “What is not accepted (canceled by MA) I do not need to issue it again,” said Budi, Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

In this case, Budi admitted that he had actually prepared a draft for the new rules. “Actually I have a draft but I return it to the alliance to see which is right and what is not right. If it’s not right, I ask for a clear reason. But the principle alliance agrees that we convey it. “

Meanwhile, related to several articles that were not canceled by the Supreme Court, Budi admitted that he would still impose such points such as quota restrictions, operating areas, and tariffs.

Furthermore, regarding the number of online taxi vehicles, Budi stressed that the driver who owned an individual vehicle could not. “They have to meet with cooperatives or PT companies, individuals can’t anymore. But on behalf of the vehicle, return to the company name. “