KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Ministry of Transportation (Kemhub) will issue a Dirjen (Perdirjen) Regulation to fulfill the wishes of online driver actors. This step follows the results of a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between the Ministry of Transportation and online driver associations, alliances, and transportation experts, to Organda on Friday (25/5).

The Ministry of Transportation’s Director General (Dirjen), Budi Setiadi, said that the second FGD was rounding up in the context of a discussion on Ministerial Regulation (PM) 108/2017 concerning the Implementation of People Transportation Using Motor Vehicles Not in Route.

“But indeed in this FGD it might be because of time, discussion and others, if you see the palikator there are those who can accept and there are those who cannot, the kinds of reactions,” he said when met by Kontan.co.id, Monday (4/6) .

The FGD has decided to make Perdirjen to support PM 108/2017. This has taken into account complaints from online drivers, owners of application companies. This Perdirjen is made because there is no need to revise PM 108/2017.

“Then by reducing some of the articles that are their problem too, for example, like the general SIM problem, KIR is actually already in Law number 22, so in the discussion there is no need to bring up the PM,” he added.

He explained, meaning that even though at PM there were none, later related to the General SIM and KIR it finally remained valid because there was Law number 22. But then in the next discussion conducted with the Minister of Transportation, the birth decided to add issues in PM number 108/2017.

“After we try to make a draft of the article that has become the minister’s concern with us, it might be possible that it is not necessary in PM 108/2017, because this is further down, meaning Perdirjen is made,” he added.

Later, the Perdirjen will include related issues, one of which is related to supervision rates. For this reason, the Ministry of Transportation is targeting to be completed in July 2018.