Citizen6, Jakarta When traveling by taxi do you often chat with the driver? To break the silence while riding in a taxi, you can take the driver to talk fun. From asking questions about the world of taxi online until the experience of meeting passengers with various behavior. No less precious, you can just listen to the life story of the driver.

The life journey of an online taxi driver can be your inspiration for the spirit of facing life. You can also hear the reason they plunge into an online taxi driver, there is a driver who aims to make money, there are also drivers who simply fill the spare time.

Fill the free time

A passenger told a 50-year-old online taxi driver. Before an online taxi driver profession, he became an independent entrepreneur. However, the crisis of 1998 made the business he pioneered went bankrupt. Finally, he went to Europe with his family.

Dozens of years living in a land of people apparently did not make him forget with Jakarta. Each time he returns to Jakarta, he spends his free time becoming an online taxi driver.

The Eagle’s Coach

The story revolved about the online taxi driver who posted the photo identity. Not the driver’s face, but the driver took pictures with his husky dog. Apparently the driver is still young and has a tattoo on his body.

Interestingly, he had been a pastor and worked in infotainment. More surprisingly, he is also an eagle trainer. The story of the life of a successful online taxi driver makes passengers amazed and amazed, life is lived full of exciting things.