The Traffic Police of Metro Bekasi City Police with the Transportation Office of the City of Bekasi socialized the ban on online transportation
pick up and drop passengers on the edge of Jalan Engineer Juanda in front of Bekasi Station.

Online transportation is required to enter Lay Bay Line when they want to take and drop passengers.

“Yes, we will re-socialize to the drivers to enter the lay bay lane,” he said
The Head of the Operations Control and Traffic Safety Section of the Bekasi City Transportation Agency, Bambang Nurmawan Putra, was confirmed on Monday (7/15/2019).

Bambang, this time the socialization was carried out together with the police. So that the drivers are expected to obey.

“Kasatlantas is also participating, so it is hoped that no more drivers will take and drop passengers carelessly in the traffic of Juanda Road Engineer, the south entrance of Bekasi Station,” he said.

While the Head of the Bekasi City Metro Police Headquarters, AKBP Ojo Ruslani, said that the online motorcycle taxis were directed to this lay bay as a step to reduce the congestion in the Bekasi Station area on Jalan Ju Engineer.

“In particular, in front of Indomaret, that point was used as a take and drop of passengers. Later there will be no more online vehicles that drop and take passengers on the road. But it’s moved to the bay, because if it’s inside it doesn’t disturb the traffic, “Ojo said.

Ojo said that the lay bay rules actually existed for several years. However, the application and awareness of online drivers is still very low.

“It used to be appealing, so it runs for 2 weeks and then goes back like that, take and drop passengers carelessly not on the lay bay, “he explained.

For that, his side is currently intervening and is serious in managing online transportation which is a trigger for congestion.

The reason is that there are many KRL Commuter Line users who get off at Bekasi Station and continue their journey home using online transportation.

The party conducted socialization by using banners and loudspeakers so that the drivers entered the lay bay lane.

“It has been for a long time, we are intensifying now. In the past there was no policy to be obliged to lay bay, now we apply it,” he said.

Ojo added that his party would also conduct socialization for two weeks. Both with loudspeakers, banners and officers in the field.

“We also ask the passengers to ride from the bay, do not ask to pick up on the roadside. Not only motorcycle taxis online, but taxis online too,” he explained.