– Instead of earning a halal livelihood from his job as a driver of online transportation or taxi, SM (30), in fact, has been selling billions of rupiahs of shabu pills and ecstasy pills in Pekanbaru. After being watched for 2 weeks, finally SM was arrested by the police.

“The evidence stored by the suspect SM was in the form of 3 kilograms of methamphetamine, and 242 ecstasy pills. The arrest was carried out at his home, but the drug was kept by the suspect in the Prime Park Hotel room,” said Kapolresta Pekanbaru, Sr. Comr. Susanto Tuesday (8/21).

According to Susanto, the arrest of SM was a collaboration of the surrounding community who suspected the man’s movements. Then the police carried out surveillance for days to make sure the drugs they had.

“The ranks of the Tenayan Raya Police Department are working with Pekanbaru Police to conduct an investigation for two weeks,” Susanto said.

During the reconnaissance, the police sniffed that SM often carried out shabu-drug transactions. Then the police immediately arrested SM, in his house without taking any resistance.

After making the arrest, the officer immediately carried out the development, from the results of the suspect’s confession, he kept evidence in a room at Prime Park Hotel, Pekanbaru.

“From the results of this development, we have succeeded in securing methamphetamine and ecstasy pills and electric scales,” Susanto said.

Recognition of SM, he has carried out drug transactions three times. First, the SM took goods from Jalan Diponegoro, for the second time he took items in Rumbai, finally taking the illicit goods from Kepulauan Meranti Regency.

“For each transaction that was successfully carried out by SM, he was paid Rp 20 million,” said Susanto.

Narcotics brought by BC, some were marketed by themselves but some were sent to Palembang and Medan.