Digital Currencies are a good potential technology to bring the most important Change in the finance world in our present century. Bitcoin is currently the first number as a leader in the world. Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies openly want to undermine the dominance of Bank and Conventional Fiat Money like Rupiah. In the other side, there’s something forgotten. Financial players in this field also have Government, Fiat Currency, and the local or international banks who controlled by the Government. The Government in Ensure Braves to protect themselves from any form of Competition that threatens them. One of the easiest ways is to blocking, banned and forbid the bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. And also makes the law’s rule more difficult to disrupt Bitcoin Circulation.

But now Stellar makes a different approach. Because we still can’t fight the Big Banks & Governments in the next 10-40 years. In 2017 Bitcoin only managed to convert fiat money by 0.3%. It is still far from the desired expectations. The Fiat Money Like Rupiah, Dollar, Yen, etc. still remain the Biggest. If the Government blocks the access of Bank Accounts conducting Bitcoin Transactions. Bitcoin users are in trouble. This has already happened in India and China. Bitcoin Policy is Difficult by the Government. This can be a difficult way. The illustration of Stellar that dominate the world has the same technology like Bitcoin, because created in the same technology. But here, I only discuss About Stellar first. Stellar is working with Banks, Conventional Financial Institutions, Government Finance Institutes, and Everyone. Stellar works in the Bank System first, helping the Bank accelerate the process of Payment Transaction in order to the transactions of Banks can be faster & cheaper. Stellar is included in the Centralized Large Bank System

Stellar then created and made the Fierce Competition Race between the Banks and the People (Stellar can juggle the people acting as his own Bank). This is causing in the future, Banks have trouble controlling the dominance of their great power, being fragmented by the fierce competition with everyone all over the earth. Everyone can act as a Bank Server which means the System becomes ‘Decentralized’. And then there will be no more control from the Central Bank and the Government which usually becomes blocker and barrier. And now Stellar corporate with Fras Coin. Fras Coin is a platform of the blockchain technology.

STELLAR will be a DIGITAL BANK & DIGITAL MONEY in the future.