Jakarta Transportation and Transportation Agency (Dishubtrans) finally found hundreds of online taxi drivers who are members of Community Car Online (CCO), when demonstrated at the park MGK Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

However, the taxi drivers online were not satisfied with the results of the dialogue with Dishubtrans DKI. Just one thing that is quite a relief to the taxi drivers online.

“They promise not to raid anymore online drivers until the rules apply,” said CCO Andryawal legal counsel to Liputan6.com after demonstration on Wednesday (08/03/2016).

Andryawal explained the results of the dialogue, Dishubtrans states always hold regular meetings every week, with operators who have obtained the license for the implementation of the rental of applications, according to the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 32 of 2016 on the Transportation of People with Public Motor Vehicles Not In Route.

The online taxi operators that have been regulated in the regulation are PPRI Service Cooperation (Grab), Cooperative of Trans Usaha Bersama Service (Uber), and PT Panorama Mitra Sarana (Go-Car). Thus, they must be under the operator and follow the rules.

However, according to Andryawal, CCO has not got a place in the existing cooperatives. They consist of drivers of various applications remain disappointed, despite dialogue.

“They have never been invited to take decisions that concern themselves,” he explained.

They are still disappointed and objected to the vehicle test policy or KIR and SIM B management, just like any other public transport. Moreover, with the policy that requires them to submit cars for cooperatives and companies.

“Automatic loss, their private cars are owned by the company and if the KIR test means that their car is similar to a public transport car,” Andryawal asserted.

Hundreds of taxi drivers online demonstrated in Kemayoran, because they did not receive their friends raided by Jakarta Transportation and Transportation Agency (Dinhubtrans). They call themselves Community Car Online (CCO).

They protested the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 32 of 2016 on the Implementation of Public Transport of People Not in the Route.

In the rule mentioned, the vehicle must take care of the permit as a lease transport. These permits include KIRs at the Motor Vehicle Testing Center and supervisory cards at the One Stop Service (BPTSP).

Not only that, they also protest the premature raids. Therefore, the candy is still in the socialization stage until the end of August. This demonstration was conducted as a solidarity action and rejected the raid conducted by the Department of Transportation and Transportation (Dishub) under the pretext of enforcing the Candy.