Police investigator Bangkalan arrested four people in connection with the assassination of Ali Gufron (23), an online taxi driver. They are each Zainal Arifin (33), Febri Pratama (23), Rusdianto aka Uuk (44), and a woman named Dewi Agustina (23).

“They are all involved from planning to execution,” said Bangkalan police chief, AKBP Anissullah M Ridha, Wednesday (6/12/2017).

Zainal is a resident of Jukong Village, Labang Subdistrict, Bangkalan that plays a potential victim and executioner. Meanwhile, Dewi, Zainal’s wife, the original village of Pamolokan, Sumenep regency is providing mobile phones and contacting two other suspects.

Furthermore, Rusdianto alias Uuk, a resident of Langkap Village, Burneh District. His house was a place of planning robbery. As for Febri, a native of Dusun Manguan, Maguan Village, Brebek District, Nganjuk carries a long knife used by Zainal to finish off the driver online.

Febri is known to be Zainal’s cellmate when in prison. “All snared the article of premeditated murder, the maximum death,” said Anis.

The idea of ​​robbing that led to the sadistic murder began on Saturday, November 25, 2017. The four suspects were gathering at Uuk’s house.

Allegedly because both were broke, came the idea to rob with the target of an online taxi driver. Zainallah who then left for Surabaya by bus from Burneh Tangkel and down in Kenjeran area, Surabaya.

There, he observed potential victims but did not find. Zainal then greets the online motorcycle taxi driver and pretends to ask for taxi ordered online using an application owned by the motorcycle driver.

Without suspicion, the motorcycle taxi driver ordered a taxi. The order was taken Ali Gufron who happened to be a position not far from the location.

Gufron picked Zainal at the foot of Suramadu. He then directed the car to Uuk’s house in Langkap Village. There’s been waiting for three other suspects.

Arriving at Langkap, the three went straight to the car and the car went aimlessly. Uuk does not participate.

“Cars are just turning around Burneh, in fact they are just looking for a location to execute an online taxi driver,” said Head Satreskrim Bangkalan Police, AKP Anton Widodo.

How was Ali Gufron Killed?
By midnight, the perpetrators drive the car into the Kalkal Hamlet, Pangolangan Village, Burneh. The area was deserted and sparsely settled. About 200 meters from the gangway, Zainal told the driver to urinate, he obeyed because it was dying.

Ali peeing behind the car. As Ali pissed, Zainal asked for the knife that Febri brought. they then come down. Febri urinated on the other side, while Zainal approached Ali. When finished urinating and turning back, Zainal then cut Ali’s back with a knife.

Ali fell and the suspect Goddess who was in the car had heard the victim had said in Javanese, “Pean kok tega mas (you kok koka, Mas).” After that, Ali did not move.

Zainal then asked Febri to take Ali’s body together. However, Febri is frightened because as she shrugs her hands are covered with blood. He then wiped the blood to the victim’s clothes and back into the car leaving Zainal alone.

Zainal finally rolls Ali’s body down into the fields. He then went down and again slashed the victim’s neck to make sure Ali was killed. He then took over the wheel and fled.

“Just one pull,” Zainal explained explaining the way he slashed Ali’s neck during pre-reconstruction at the scene.

The suspects turned out to flee to Uuk’s house in Langkap Village. That’s where the knife evidence is hidden in the drum. The victim’s jacket and wallet were burned after the money was taken and divided equally. Zainal also washes the blood from Uuk’s house.

Sunday morning, November 26, 2017, residents Hamlet Kalkal uproar. They found the body lying. His position is supine. The police found it difficult to uncover the identity of the corpse because there was no identification. Fingerprint checking was nil, Ali apparently has not recorded E-KTP data.

Monday night, November 27, the identity of the new body was revealed. A family from Kedinding Lor, Kenjeran, Surabaya came to Mapolres Bangkalan and admitted the body was their family. They know after seeing uploaded photos of the body by citizens on social media.

“He is my son, his name is Ali Gufron, the work of an online driver,” said Maryamah, mother of Ali Gufron, in the morgue of RSUD Syamrabu Bangkalan.

Source Liputan6.com