Life is sometimes not as smooth as what we planned. You may have planned everything as well as possible, but the final determinant is still God. Likewise, experienced by Rabiatul Adawiyah, this woman is willing to be an online taxi driver to continue her Diploma IV education but the ending is still not so beautiful.

Yes, in order to be able to continue her education without bothering parents, Rabiatul chose to be an online taxi driver. She was never ashamed to do that, because she was sure it was halal work and she could do it well.

The desire of a 30-year-old woman is so strong. Hence, work as an online taxi driver even she lived. Being a driver in the beginning was only a side job. Because, Rabiatul was previously registered as a midwife in one of the hospitals in Medan.

Not satisfied with the Diploma III, Rabiatul was determined to be able to go to Diploma IV in Midwifery. That belief also paid off, the spirit of working as an online taxi driver, Rabiatul was reportedly already got the title she wanted. In fact, the GPA is almost perfect, 3.39.

“Before I finally got a degree, my parents did not agree with this job.
But because of the explanation I gave, Alhamdulillah they support it, “explained Rabiatul as quoted from the Grab release, Wednesday (11/06/2019)

Talking about her job as an online taxi driver, Rabiatul explained, she could pocket Rp300 thousand per day in net wages. In fact, if you are very lucky, you can get up to Rp700 thousand per day.

Of course, that nominal can be obtained not for free. She gave full priority to her job until finally Rabiatul gave up as a midwife.

Not only that, because of her busy schedule, this former midwife also claimed to be broken up with her love. Yes, because there is so much time has given to her job, as a result heart problems are ruled out. The attention that should be given to her boyfriend is greatly reduced.

“I only have one cellphone and that is also for work. So, if my boyfriend calls, it’ll bother me. Yes, my boyfriend asks to meet me not once a week, but I can’t. Yes we have to be broken up, maybe it just like that, “vented Rabiatul.

Until now, she still feels proud about her job. Because, she also considered that women who could work in the field are great women.

Rabiatul also felt that she could not be weakened by anyone. She wants to be an example for many women out there, that woman can be strong and cannot be considered helpless.

She added, hopefully the institution where she is works will increasingly provide services to women who work as online taxi drivers like her. Because, she could not deny that she might be still subject to harassment by passengers.