Jakarta – Maybe some people have experienced an unexpected event such as missing something that is considered important. What if it happens in an online taxi?

A similar incident was experienced by the Executive Director of Danamon Peduli Restu Pratiwi. She had experience that she did not expect when ordering GrabCar. This happened when just returning from Bandung to Jakarta using the train which was continued by ordering GrabCar.

“This story began when I came home from Bandung by train, then I ordered GrabCar from Gambir. At midnight, after being at home, the GrabCar driver called me, but I don’t want to answer it,”she was quoted on Instagram @grabid account on Wednesday ( 2/1/2019).

At first she might have been a little annoyed with the call from the GrabCar driver. She had not yet realized that the driver contacted her to return her glasses that left behind while she was at GrabCar.

“On the 3rd day, I just realized my glasses were left behind at GrabCar. It seems that I put my glasses on the left side of the car door and forgot to take it when I arrived. Then I called Grab and from the call center Grab immediately gave an update about where my glasses , “Restu continued.

Thankfully, after contacting Grab, Restu immediately got word about her glasses being left behind. No need to wait long, she immediately got her glasses back after being handed over to Grab’s office by a driver who had tried to contact Restu.

“Then, Grab called me again to be able to take glasses in Grab’s office. Alhamdulilah, my glasses returned to me. Fortune is not everywhere. Luckily the driver Grab is a good person. There aren’t many people who are merely returning glasses,” said Approval.