TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – The presence of online transportation in the country become another fortune for Rizky Aulia Hasyim.

The presence of online transportation make her able to continue studying until graduating to become a scholar.

Rizky, who worked on the side job of being an online taxi driver, finally got her bachelor’s degree on 29 June. In fact, Rizky graduated as a graduate of Economics at the Indonesian Islamic University (UII) with the title of cum laude. It is not easy for Rizky to get this bachelor’s degree.

The lack of economic conditions made Rizky have to be willing to go the extra mile to meet family needs.

He father, quit his job because of an internal problem.

Whereas the mother is only a housewife.

While going to college, Rizky also had to send her two younger siblings who were still studying at High School (SMA) and Elementary School (SD).

Work while studying

In the first semester, Rizky immediately decided to work while studying.

She works as a private tutor.

Thinking that he income as a tutor was not enough, Rizky thought of looking for other income.

A job that does not disturb the class schedule but is enough to help the family economy.

“I have paid car payments and have to provide for my family,” she said.

In the midst of her search, the uncle who is also the driver partner of GrabCar, offered Rizky to join.

She finally ventured to choose to be Grab’s driver partner because she was used to working part time.

“Joining Grab during semester 6. I think that jobs like this can be arranged, especially if we can estimate their income,” she said.

Since joining as Grab’s driver partner, Rizky’s income has increased.

The maximum income that Rizky earns can reach around Rp. 300,000 per day, with a total of around Rp. 8 million per month.

With that income, Rizky can pay installments, the needs of her family, to pay for college needs.

Intermittent a year after joining Grab’s driver partner, Rizky finally decided to leave her place to teach private tutoring.

Rizki left because she chose to establish her own private tutoring place.

“I made a place to teach small private lessons, so I could still have income. I also want to have a business, I have been working with people for a long time in teaching private lessons, now I want to run my own tutoring place, “she said.

She also has several students for private lessons. Rizky teaches all subjects.

“Every day there are several students, some are 3-4 times a week. I teach all subjects, if the high school is specifically Mathematics and Science,” she said.

Working as a Grab driver partner, a private tutor, and being a student, is certainly not an easy thing.

This woman born on April 22, 1997 really launched the principle of a balance between life and work carried out on a priority scale.

During college, Rizky really focused on learning. After finishing college, then focus on making money with Grab.

“Sometimes on school holidays, I will optimize it in Grab. Or, if you are on holiday at Grab, I will use the time to study for a full day, “she said.

She admitted, it was quite tiring to run everything. But all of that was cured, with graduation and reaching for cum laude.

“Indeed, it is quite tiring. But if you look at the results, both from my income from Grab and also the results of my hard work and study until finally cum laude, her tiredness will disappear,” she said.