Jakarta – A Nepalese police official Superintendent Raghav Singh Thapa who escorted his country’s delegation to the 2018 Asian Games thanked the Head of Security for the Object of Kemayoran Wisma Atlit, AKBP Nengah Adi Putra and his staff. He is grateful to be helped when feeling cheated by an online taxi driver.

“Initially miscommunication,” said AKBP Nengah when contacted by AFP on Friday (08/24/2018).

AKBP Nengah said that this case occurred on Tuesday (21/8). At that time Raghav Singh and 2 of his colleagues ordered an online taxi from Thamrin Apartment, Jalan Sudirman to Wisma Atlet Kemayoran. On arrival at the location, Raghav Singh asked the driver how much he had to pay.

The driver with the initials R was apparently unable to speak English and tried to show the numbers to be paid through his finger. Because he did not understand and felt hopeless because of communication difficulties, Raghav Singh then handed over Rp. 400,000 to R.

R immediately drove away when he received the money. Raghav Singh later felt cheated for paying too much. He then reported the incident to the Asian Games athletes’ security post at Wisma Atlet Kemayoran.

Receiving the report, AKBP Nengah and his staff immediately made a search. Around 22.00 WIB R was successfully secured and confronted with the victim. This case was finally finished by deliberation. According to AKBP Nengah, this problem occurred because of a problem of miscommunication. The excess money from Raghav Singh has been returned by R.

“Finished the problem through the mediation path and the Nepalese appreciated us by making a thank you letter. Finished the problem through the mediation path and the Nepalese appreciated us by making a thank you letter,” he said.

“(R) Not being detained, but secured. Then after the mediation has been repatriated,” he continued.

Raghav Singh is grateful because the police quickly handled it. He wrote a handwritten letter appreciating the police working hard to succeed the 2018 Asian Games event.

“I am very grateful to the police officers who helped me in the situation. I thank the police and all the other coordinators who worked very hard to succeed the 2018 Asian Games. Thank you,” he wrote.