Chairman of the Online Driver Association (ADO), Christiansen said there are 9 points in Permenhub number 26 of 2017 on Delivery of People with Public Vehicles Not in the Route alias online taxi, which is required by the taxi drivers online to be revised again.

The points are related to the parameters, tariffs, operating areas, vehicle quotas, minimum requirements, vehicle proof of ownership, KNPN domicile, new vehicle registration certification, and the duties and functions of application service providers.

In the revisions of the candy there are still some articles that are considered burdensome for the taxi drivers online. One of them is the installation of stickers.
“We see from the revision of this candy there are still some articles that we feel the objection is actually this article is not revoked by the MA but revised this revised is about the installation of stickers,” said Christiansen in Central Jakarta, Wednesday (25/10).

He stressed that the vehicles operated by taxi drivers online are not for 24 hours in operation.
“Our vehicle is not 24 hours full use for operational, but in empty time we still bring family, even on holiday we still bring our family out of town,” he said.

In addition, he also still objected to the rules of the installation of special codes in the number plate of the vehicle that will make the activities of the taxi drivers online is not free.
“It must be remembered that the government has not succeeded in issuing regulations related to the economy of the word but still putting the company’s economy at the center, so we are like employees while the car is our own car, so we pay ourselves so that is crucial to us,” he said.