, Batam – Opsnal Team Subdit III Jatanras Ditreskrimum Riau Islands Police, Opsnal Barelang Police and Batam City Police succeeded in securing one of the perpetrators of beatings against Online taxi drivers on Saturday (01/18/20).

Dirreskrimum Riau Islands Police Commissioner Arie Dharmanto S. Sos., S.IK Accompanied by the Head of Public Relations Police Riau Islands Police Commissioner Harry Goldenhardt S., S.IK., M.Sc. said that the beatings took place on Wednesday (1/15/20) in front of Mega Mall, Batam Center Batam City.

“And based on the Police Report number LP-B / 47 / I / 2020 / SPKT-Resta Barelang, dated January 15, 2020. With the victim the initials BR,” he added.

Arie explained the chronology of the incident began when the victim was contacted by his friend and said that he was confronted by a conventional taxi driver right at the exit of the Mega Mall parking lot, Batam Center Batam City.

Those Who Know Contact the Police Immediately. There are Rewards

Then the victim came to intervene but three of the perpetrators hit the victim on the lips, nose and stomach. As a result of the beatings the victim was hospitalized and treated at Graha Hermine Batu Aji Batam City.

Those Who Know Contact the Police Immediately. There are Rewards

Following up on the incident, the Opnal Team conducted a search for the perpetrators and after the search, the team succeeded in securing one person from the three identified actors, the perpetrators who were successfully initialed AMH and the other two perpetrators were still on the People’s Search List (DPO).

“Next, AMH will be taken to Batam City Police Headquarters for further investigation,” concluded Arie.