RAKYATKU.COM – Online transportation services are still in great demand by the public. But many also abuse it.

It seems like what this pair of online taxi customers is doing. Instead of being polite in a car that is not his, both of them actually do lewd.

Unmitigated this action is carried out in front of drivers who are driving. The couple seemed to be sitting in the back seat of the car.

The man’s head covers his partner’s face and both appear to be making out.

I was so engrossed in making out, the couple did not realize if the driver recorded the action.

The video was then uploaded by the Infospesial.net account on his Facebook page.

Warganet posted various pro-contra comments.

@Julie Ferdyanto, “People blame the driver … from before there was an online taxi … the taxi driver on the story if he brought passengers in the night the passengers were at the hotel …
Those guilty are they …
Passenger guys = Want to indohoi kereee … “

@Innakoswara Koswara, “Wduuuhh sir …. you must have children. If you are a good father, you will not let that happen. Moreover you record it. Means you are not a good father. If your child has done that, surely you will be angry. how come this is recorded … “

@Jeni Ja’sul Jawasulawesi, “One of the drivers, if he doesn’t like to see his passengers kissing, in his car, why don’t he just drop it, instead record it, meaning that it will be excited so that it will be like that

Try to enter outside to see the kiss, man, in the middle on the bus, maybe the driver is dead, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know, bro, if you don’t like to drop off passengers, bro, bro. “

@Christian Nuri, “If you don’t like the passengers, sir, if you are still stubborn, then tell them to go down easily.”

@Adit Wiguna, “Why isn’t it braked suddenly, sir … so they both fall forward.”

@Nensi Nirasari, “It’s the saknoe, yet the grabx driver has driven mobilx for the perverted place, it’s ok … drop the passenger, bro, use the grab car for pervert.”

@Harri Citra Kesuma, “The idiot driver … just keep recording … for your masturbation material until you go home … you should say that your mbl is not for lewing … well if it’s like who guarantees if they’re dirty … if they are husband or wife? “

@Bagusramadhani Hou Leng Cai, “It’s not worth it to be uploaded to fb … are you a believer ??? Get down on the passenger like that … You record it as a sin and do it.”

@Antonius, “It’s not good to record people like them … let alone the passengers themselves … if the drivers don’t like to just let them down right away … it’s fun or the story is moral … remember the professional code of ethics … !! ! “