SURABAYA – In a drunken state, anger of Muchamad Anggi Pradana, 23, and Garnaf Kurniawan, 24, was easily provoked. Not received, complained by an online taxi driver, the two young men who lived on Jalan Pesapen Lor number 67, Surabaya were determined to gang up on a victim until one of his teeth was dislodged. The beating was triggered because the victim was angry after the two suspects vomited in his car.

The victim is Moch Samsul Arifin, 36, an online taxi driver who lives on Jalan Gundih Gang I number 3 Surabaya. The beating was carried out by Pranda and Garnaf in a car park in one of the supermarkets on Jalan Rajawali number 55-57, Surabaya, Saturday night (1/12).

Bubutan police chief, AKP Harianto Rantes also explained, the persecution case began when the two suspects ordered an online taxi. Both of them after holding a miras party from one of the karaoke places on Jalan Rajawali. After that, the order was received by the victims of Samsul.

“Then after receiving the order, the victim picked up the two suspects,” said AKP Harianto, Sunday (2/12).

Harianto added, after arriving at the pickup location Pradana and Garnaf entered the car. But when the car is about to go, one of the suspects vomits in the car due to the influence of alcohol. Found the car dirty, the victim complained and was angry.

“Complaints and shouts of the victims made two suspects angry. Then they and the victim got out of the car. The squabbling had occurred before finally the two suspects ganged up on the victim, “he explained.

With their bare hands, the two suspects persecuted the victim. The victim was beaten and kicked by the two perpetrators. Striking blows made the victim fall to the ground.

But the two perpetrators continued to bombard the victim with punches to hit his mouth. “This makes the upper victim’s teeth dislodged,” he said.

The action of beating was just finished, after they were dispersed by supermarket security officers. Because he did not receive the actions of the two suspects, the victim reported the case to the Bubutan police station.

Both suspects surrendered. One tooth that was dislodged by the victim became evidence of the investigator.

Meanwhile, to the police, Pradana and Garnaf admitted that at that time they were emotional after being shouted at and scolded by the victims. Especially when they were drunk. Both of them did not intend to vomit in the victim’s car.

“We regret and make mistakes, at that time we were indeed drunk and could not control our emotions,” said Pradana, who was justified by the Garnaf.