JAKARTA – A female customer was amazed when an online motorcycle taxi driver (ojol) that he ordered suddenly apologized to him. The reason, the driver came to pick up not using a motorcycle type automatic.

Unique experience that he devote in social media facebook with account @ Oystersea Luna II. The story begins when he ordered the ojol on Saturday, January 13, 2018 ago.

Shortly after ordering he received a direct message from the ojek driver based on this app. The contents, the brother ojol apologized for not using motor matik. He worried passengers would be uncomfortable when dibonceng.

“Miss I do not bring motor bikes automatically? Fear uncomfortable, why not yes, do not use automatically?” the driver asked.

Luna was confused as well as curious what kind of motorcycle actually ridden the driver. However, he did not question any motor that picked him up. “Why the problem what? Why why?” Luna asked curiously.

Once agreed, the driver ojol itupun glide to the location pick-up. Arriving at the pickup Luna was shocked. The reason, the driver is not using motorcycle motorcycle automatic matik but red luxury motor sport.

“It’s a fucking thing about her motorcycle than me.This is the tips I have to try how old old frogs use,” Luna wrote.

Luna’s unique experience then becomes viral in social media. Since it was first uploaded on January 13, 2018, the post has been distributed over 2,000 times and flooded with netter comments.

Source (Rizka Diputra) okezone.com