Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- The stigma of a livelihood as a driver is considered negative, so it makes the GrabCar partner become unconfident. That was felt by Hansen Yance or commonly better known as Bob Murai.

He is one of the GrabCar Partners who have joined since 2016. Initially, Bob is an employee who has worked in a company for 24 years.

“My office was closed because the main leader died, then led by other people, chaotic, given severance. I don’t know what to do. Then there is a chance (Grab) I try it for fun,” he said when met in Tangerang, Tuesday (11/19/2019 ).

When met, Bob is in preparation for a vacation to Turkey, as a result of the victory in the National Partner League held by Grab. Bob is indeed one of the topnotch Grab Partners who won free holiday prizes to Turkey with his wife and several other GrabCar partners.

He admitted when he first joined GrabCar, it needed adaptation at least 6 months. But he realized, being a GRab Partner, in fact, can be more flexible in time. “Actually being a Grab Partner is like a boss, go to work ok or if it’s not is ok,” he said.

As one of the partners chosen by Grab, he experienced only two hours of sleep in a day because he felt challenged with how many trips can be completed in a day. In fact 48 trips were completed, with revenues Rp 1.6 million.

“Then the next day I went to sleep,” he said, laughing.

That number is the most trips ever conquered, where is a normal day on average he is able to complete 20-25 trips. When completing the 48 trip, he started at 12 in the morning.

“48 hours went everywhere, North Jakarta, West, that was the most,” he said again.

Hensun also won the Shining Partner League program. In this program, he gets 10 grams of gold, a Rp 1 million BBM voucher and free vehicle service for a year. Now he snatched a holiday prize to Turkey, because he was selected in the “National Partner League” program.

He said, we must motivate ourselves at work. Even more, work is a hobby, so it feels good. “Work, I consider it as s hobby. Because it’s a hobby, 35 trips are passed without realizing it, “he concluded.