Jakarta – The new rules for online transportation are being formulated after the Supreme Court (MA) decision annulled Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 108 of 2017. Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Budi Setyadi said that this week his party will conduct focus group discussions (FGD) to consolidate new regulations that will made.

As for now, it has facilitated a meeting between online driver associations to provide input on the FGD later.

“Two days now some alliances are consolidating. They will produce some thoughts to be given a contribution to the new ministerial regulation being formed by the government. It is hoped that Friday will be FGD with alliances and applicators,” he told detikFinance when contacted on Tuesday (9/18/2018) .

Budi explained, in this new regulation it would not re-enter the points that had been rejected by the Supreme Court in the previous decision. The obligation to test the driver and install stickers for example will be replaced with other alternatives as a guarantee of the safety and security of passengers and drivers.

“What is clear is that the Supreme Court’s ruling was not accepted, it is impossible for us to put it back in the new formulation. Even though in the articles yesterday in Regulation 108 about safety, protection to the driver, it cannot be added again because it was annulled. the input is only acceptable, “he said.

For information, the cancellation of the legal umbrella for online transportation by the Supreme Court has occurred several times. Previously, the Supreme Court had canceled Minister of Transportation Regulation Number 26 Year 2017 which was published on April 1, 2017 as a revision of Minister of Transportation Regulation Number 32 Year 2016 concerning People Transportation with Public Vehicles Not in Route.

The Supreme Court assessed that some of the articles in Permenhub 108 of 2017 which were effective on November 1, 2017 were the re-loading of the material of Permenhub 26 of 2017 and contrary to the higher laws and regulations, namely Law Number 20 of 2008 concerning Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises .

The Supreme Court also ordered the Minister of Transportation to revoke 23 articles in the Minister of Transportation Regulation 108 of 2017. Some contents of the article revoked include arranging online taxi tariffs to be in accordance with the lower and upper limits, installing stickers, STNKs having legal entities, to implementing technical licensing requirements (minimum five vehicles, a vehicle storage area, and a workshop.