Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia  – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) considers that financing to taxi drivers online is part of the evaluation of financing acquisitions. In fact, together with the Association of Indonesian Financing Companies (APPI) registry assets will be created to increase transparency in the finance industry. 

The Executive Head of OJK Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervisory Riswinandi explained, with the existence of registry assets, the items used as collateral for financing became clearer.

“Later, the collateral goods will be discovered where it has ever been credited,” he said when met at the Le Meredien Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/08/2018).

On the other hand, APPI General Chairwoman Wiratno revealed, in practice, the implementation of registry assets is done by pledging vehicles to banks if they want to get financing. This previously could not be done because the case of the customer’s engine and cassis was personal. 

“If the collateral is guaranteed to the bank, it will not be discovered by the customer’s name, from there it can be known that the vehicle number has been secured or not, from there it can be known the qualifications,” he said.

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