Jakarta – Until now Uber taxi still considered illegal in Jakarta. Dishub DKI proposed several conditions for this online-based taxi to operate legally.

“We are still opening the space with some conditions,” said Kadishub DKI Andri Yansyah after meeting with representatives of Go-Jek, Uber and GrabTaxi at his office in Jatibaru, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Friday (7 / 8/2015).

These requirements are that Uber must be a legal entity, have a business domicile, have an operating license and have five fleet units. In addition, this taxi must also have a pool that can be used for service and car maintenance. Uber administration readiness should also exist. This Uber requirement also applies to GrabTaxi which has a system similar to Uber.

“The existing cars must also be tested,” he said.

Andri said, Dishub still open space to Uber and GrabTaxi in order to meet the provisions. But he insists that there are violations to be dealt with.

“Unofficial and qualified taxi vans will be disciplined,” he said.
(Nal / nrl)
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