KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Online taxi company partners are responding to the Ministry of Transportation’s plan to make regulations separately about online taxis.

According to the online driver, the government needs to include the results of the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) that has been implemented between the Ministry of Transportation and the company’s partners.

The Chairperson of the National Online Driver Alliance (Aliando) Babe Bowie said that the government and partners of the online taxi company had conducted FGDs three times. In the first and second FGDs, they have begun to conical and just one step away from finding a bright spot.

“The two FGDs are good, just put the relationship between the online driver to the application company about what the partnership is like,” he said when contacting Kontan.co.id, Sunday (8/26).

He explained, in the third FGD different, the government instead wanted to make a regulation and this made this rule a blunder. According to him, the presence of partners in the third FGD wanted to find a partnership solution between online drivers and application companies.

“It turns out he uses Perdirjen, this makes it raw again and falls. PM (Ministerial Regulation) we reject why the Perdirjen is used,” he said.

For this reason, he asked the Ministry of Education to read the minutes of the first and second FGDs. The declining government needs to consider this because between the government and online taxi operators almost get an agreement.

He explained, the nortulent contents had compiled the regulations and the Ministry of Transportation had admitted that PM 108 did not need to use a general A SIM for online taxi drivers.

In addition, the KIR problem has also provided a solution to carry out regular service. “In the KIR field, the inspection is only on the brakes, does the check check turn on or not,” he said.

Unlike regular service, a thorough inspection is carried out. Even at certain kilometers there are several spare parts that need to be replaced.

Obviously this sparked online taxis to move down the road, if the government dared to implement PM 108 in September.

“If you dare to set PM 108 in September, we dare to go down the road after the Asian Games. I dare to ask for the removal of the minister because he is incompetent,” he stressed.