, BATAM – The commotion between online taxi drivers and conventional taxi drivers is caused by taking passengers at BCS Mall Batam by online taxi drivers.

From the information obtained by in the field, this online taxi stand and base originated from one of the visitors who ordered drivers online at BCS Mall.

After that, online taxi drivers direct prospective passengers towards the A2 gate of BCS Mall.

However, the base taxi driver is on the stand and is right next to BCS Mall knowing the prospective passengers of the online taxi driver are directed by the online taxi driver to the A2 BCS Mall gate.

“Without thinking, a number of base taxi drivers visited the taxi drivers online who were waiting for prospective passengers at gate A2 and finally there was a commotion,” said one witness who at the time of the incident was on location.

He continued, after the taxi driver’s base secured the taxi drivers online. A few minutes later a number of other online taxi drivers came to the location and finally ended in a fight.

“Because of the bickering, a few minutes later the police went down to the location to secure it,” he said