TRIBUNNEWS.COM, PALEMBANG – Many people are already well-established in their lives and have permanent workers but are still passionate about being online taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers, and one of them is Ermawangi (46).

Although her husband is an Adjutant police officer Police Commissioner (AKP) she remains confident to become an online taxi driver.

Quoted from, Ermawangi’s husband served in one of the police stations in the Jambi Regional Police and served as the Criminal Investigation Unit Chief.

“Women who are from Bhayangkari are fine, there is no requirement that the wife of the police should not be an online driver,” she said, while driving around using the car she used to search for passengers on Thursday (03/07/19).

When asked how the husband reacted when she asking permission to work as an online driver, the woman who was familiarly called Yunda revealed that the husband accepted her decision.

“My husband is a good person, not an authoritarian one, so he is permitted while home and family matters are not neglected,” he explained.

“Since I was young before marrying, he really likes to take trips or drive cross-city cars, when I say I want to be an online driver, my husband understands because I’m bored at home,” she added.

Still said Yunda, she was always reminded of safety especially the number of robberies because she was a woman who was prone to get crime.

“Yes, it was always said to my husband, the victim was not picky about the victim even though I was the wife of the police, the robber didn’t know, so I was told to take care of myself and remember there were families waiting at home,” she added.