Jakarta – Car rental entrepreneurs incorporated in Uber Apps tell their experience when arrested by officers. Pretending to be a passenger, it turns out the officers are carrying out the raids of Satgas.

“If my car yesterday hit the task force, the officer pretending to be a passenger, somewhere, the driver told to go out and immediately confiskated. Capture like that, in our opinion is not fair,” Chairman Association of Indonesian Rental Car Company (PPRI) Hendrick Kusnadi In a hearing at Jakarta Dept. of Transportation Office, Jl Taman Jatibaru, Cideng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (17/09/2015).

Several other drivers complained to Kadishub. They also asked that the confiscated car be taken.

“Uber has already made an extraordinary job, the government has not been able to bring regular Uber, GoJek, and Grab Bike jobs, how to find solutions, help the government and Uber find solutions together, accommodate us,” said another Uber partner driver, Kusmayadi.

Own profit sharing between Uber and rental car drivers called Hendrick is 80 percent for drivers and 20 percent for Uber. But as long as Uber does not yet have a legal entity, the total passenger argo is given to the driver.

“Call it argonya Rp 100 thousand, well it will go to Uber, but Uber subsidy to the rental 2-fold so Rp 200 thousand paid to the rental,” said Hendrick.

Although very lucrative, Uber problems that do not have a business entity finally made PPRI decided to break the cooperation. Currently, companies incorporated in PPRI are also taking care of the license to Dishub as an official rental as a condition to be incorporated in an online taxi application.

“Before the arrests of the massive operation we had already broken the cooperation with Uber since the Grab Car application came in. With them we have a clear MoU and he has a legal entity, not marketing or marketing.So we’ve checked they have legality, and that’s it We leave it to Dishub and according to Dishub it’s good, “Hendrick’s class.

Meanwhile, Kadishub said it would try to continue to help as long as Uber and the rental business operates in accordance with applicable regulations. All permissions must be taken care of immediately.

“Cars can be issued, provided there is a statement to not repeat again, if from the beginning the permit has been taken care of Crimsus will not go down.It will not be dropped fatherly ticketed so,” explained Kadishub DKI, Andri Yansyah respond.

“It’s true that Uber is opening employment, but I am also wrong to allow rule violations, it’s a matter of community justice, so after that, let’s obey the rules,” he continued.
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