BATAM – Thousands of online transportation drivers in Batam staged a demonstration in front of the Batam Mayor’s Office and Batam’s DPRD on Tuesday (16/1).

They demand that the government immediately issue permits and legalities of online transportation operations in Batam, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

Chairman of the Online Driver Association (ADO) Kepri Province, Sopandi asked the Chairman of Batam Parliament and the Mayor of Batam immediately issued a recommendation revocation letter from Dishub Kepri about the temporary suspension of online taxi operations.

Because if not, then the action of persecution of the taxi drivers online will continue to happen. The government was asked to act immediately before there were any casualties.

“What should wait for bloodshed in the field, what should happen to fall victim, the new government acted in addressing the problem of online transportation in Batam,” Sopandi asked during a dialogue with members of the DPRD Batam on Tuesday (17/1).

Sopandi said that on October 31 last year, Batam Transportation Department (Dishub Batam) together with conventional taxi representatives and Commission III of Batam Parliament who signed the ban on online transportation operations in Batam. According to him, the agreement is a one-sided deal.

“Because we from the online transportation when it was not involved,” said Sopandi.

To the police, Sopandi requested that perpetrators of the persecution of the taxi driver online be dealt with. Because in addition to threatening and intimidating, the perpetrators also often hit and even destroy the online taxi fleet.

“This is what we really pity, the civilian who has no authority in Batam this action has exceeded the police,” explained Sopandi.

In addition, in a demo yesterday the online taxi drivers also demanded the DPRD and Pemko Batam immediately issued a recommendation about the online taxi quota in Batam. And socialize Permenhub Number 108 Year 2017.

Responding to these demands, Chairman of Batam DPRD Nuryanto said, it will continue the demands to the Department of Transportation (Dishub) Riau Islands. Because the licensing of online transportation into the realm of Riau Islands Province Dishub. In addition, Nuryanto promised to immediately hold a meeting with the parties concerned to discuss the problem of online taxis in Batam.

“The main problem of legality,” explained Nuryanto.

Nuryanto regretted the problem of online transport legality in Batam that protracted without any solution. He fears that if this problem is allowed to drag on, it will trigger security stability and impact the government’s efforts to develop the tourism sector.

“The government should immediately facilitate and facilitate the existence of online transpotation in Batam, give them their convenience and guidance in obtaining legality,” Nuryanto said.

According Nuryanto, during this Provincial Government of Riau Islands hesitate in providing legality to the existence of online transpotation in Batam. So the problem is protracted, hanged and no solution.

“It is time for the government, in this case the Provincial Government of Riau Islands to provide certainty about the existence of online transpotation,” said Nuryanto. (Ian / gas / atm / yui / gie)