, Jakarta – An online taxi driver, US, is dealing with the police. He desperately pointed a gun to his passenger. As a result, an elderly man who was sick, fainted at the cowboy action of the driver.

“The concerned person is suspected of threats of violence and unloving acts and we are wearing Article 335 verse 1 and his sentence of 1 year imprisonment,” said Head of Polda Metro Jaya Police Division Senior Commissioner Awi Setiyono at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters on Thursday (7/7 / 2016).

The incident started when a passenger named Tia, with his mother, booked a taxi through a smart phone application. Tia from Central Jakarta and heading to Bekasi. The car is Ford Everest.

Then, 45 minutes later, Tia and her mother rode the car. But while on Ir Juanda Road, Central Jakarta, the US driver asked Tia and her mother to go down. He refused to transport both because the road to Bekasi was badly jammed.

Tia protested the US attitude. Debate begins. The US then pointed a gun at Tia. The driver admitted he was a member of the police force and showed the Police unity badge. It makes Tia’s mother faint from fear.

Tia then asked for help to the police officer who was guarding the post not far from the scene. US then arrested. The guns and badges he used in action were confiscated by officers. It is known that the gun is an airsoft gun.

Now, the US is languishing in detention cell of Metro Gambir Police Station to take responsibility for his actions.

“According to the law, concerned can indeed do the detention,” closed Awi.