TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG – Hundreds of Go-Car online taxi drivers rallied in front of the Lampung Go-Jek office, Jalan MH Thamrin, Gotong Royong Village, Tanjungkarang Pusat District, Bandar Lampung, Thursday, 9 August 2018 morning. They demanded an increase in incentives.

Action Coordinator Febri Arisma stated that the Go-Car drivers’ arrival was aimed at conveying aspirations to PT Anak Bangsa Go-Jek Karya application as an online motorcycle taxi company. In his speech, Febri expressed the demands of the Go-Car drivers who wanted the rules regarding incentives to return to normal.

“We have obeyed all the wishes of the company. But, the company is not consistent with its rules and attitudes. Now, companies cut incentives, not in accordance with the original incentives,” Febri said.

As a result of the decline in the value of incentives, said Febri, the Go-Car driver often loses because the incentive money is not worth the operational costs.

“We do not accept the new Go-Jek rules that do not take sides with humanitarian principles. The company cuts incentives. The income we receive every month is not enough. In fact, most of us are car loans,” he said.

The Go-Car online taxi drivers who are demonstrating are a combination of 66 Go-Car communities in Lampung.

Puluhan Go-Car tutup Jalan M Husni Thamrin.
Dozens of Go-Car closes Jalan M Husni Thamrin. (Tribunlampung / Hanif)

“Go-Car friends took action to demand an increase in incentives or bonuses. There were 66 shelter involved in the action,” said Taruna, the driver of Go-Jek.

Tribun monitored, some Go-Car drivers carried posters bearing demands on Go-Jek. In one of the Go-Car driver’s cars there was also a banner that read “Condole condolences for the barbarity of the incentive policy of PT Karya Anak Bangsa Go-Jek Indonesia. The work of the nation’s children who killed the nation’s children”

Go-Car drivers threaten to stop operating if there are no clear demands. They will stop operating by removing the Go-Jek application from the cellphone.

“If the negotiations fail, we will delete the Go-Jek application. This application is ‘the blood’ of the company,” Febri said.

Next, it plans to hold a further action by campaigning to customers not to order Go-Car.

“If the Go-Car drivers remove the application, the passenger will not get the driver. People rush to look for drivers, none. Passengers will eventually delete the application because they can’t order,” Febri said.

Manajemen Go-Jek Lampung menemui pendemo, Kamis, 9 Agustus 2018.
The Go-Jek Lampung management met with the demonstrators, Thursday, August 9, 2018. (Tribun Lampung / Hanif Mustafa)

Decision of 13 August

Responding to the demonstration of the Go-Car drivers, representatives of Go-Jek Lampung said the management would make a decision about the demands of the action on 13 August.

In front of the Go-Car drivers, Adek as the representative of Go-Jek Lampung explained, the rules related to providing incentives were the authority of central management.

“We had time to communicate with the central party. The central government will provide certainty on August 13. What kind of management decision, we don’t know yet. That’s what I can say,” Adek said.

Mineral Water Throw

The demonstration of the Go-Car drivers had heated up. The crowd who were initially in front of the Go-Jek office tried to enter the office. This was because there was no Go-Jek Lampung representative who received the mass.

The action of pushing each other is inevitable. The Go-Car drivers kept trying to get into the office, while the police tried to muffle.

Some Go-Car drivers then pelted the Go-Jek office with plastic glass mineral water. A number of police on guard were also hit by mineral water throws.

The tension eased after Febri Arisma, the coordinator of the action, asked the crowd to calm down.

“Patience, calm down. Already, we have to be cold. Now it’s 12 o’clock, we rest first,” Febri said. “But, don’t disband. We will come back here until Go-Jek wants to increase incentives, or they have to leave Lampung,” he continued.

The Go-Car motorcade when it first arrived at the Go-Jek office had made Jalan MH Thamrin totally paralyzed. The Go-Car drivers entered Jalan MH Thamrin via Jalan Diponegoro, Telukbetung Utara District. They then left their respective cars on the road, then held an action in front of the Go-Jek office.

Rows of cars in the middle of the road no doubt make traffic jams long. Car drivers cannot cross Jalan MH Thamrin. Only motorists can pass between rows of cars. The police also closed and diverted the flow of vehicles to other roads, such as Jalan Maj. Gen. MT Haryono.

Driver Complaints

  • the trip target for the biggest cap points rises from 12 to 15
  • incentives dropped from Rp. 300 thousand to Rp. 160 thousand
  • The driver feels that 12 trips are difficult
  • As for incentives is the main income
  • while payment from passengers is only for operational costs

Source: Go-Car Driver