TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SURABAYA – Satreskrim Unit Polrestabes Surabaya Resmob unravels a fraudulent criminal allegiance of online taxis.

Three youths were arrested and thrown into detention cells for crimes committed.

Three youths arrested, L Chandra (32), a resident of Jl Raya Kutisari Indah Surabaya, L Andre (22), from Jl Sutorejo Prima Utara Surabaya, and Mauriciano (23), from Jl Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya.

They were arrested after proven manipulation of electronic data.

The mode, the three of them disguised as an online taxi drivers and as if getting passengers from the online taxi application that followed.

In fact, the three drivers were actually not getting orders from the original passengers. Rather it makes the fictitious order they have prepared using their own HP.

Head of Police Sub-division Head of Public Relations, Kompol Lily Djafar explains, these three perpetrators conspired to order fictitious taxis online.

They have been in action since September 2017.

“Initially LC became an online taxi driver Grab, but stopped and no longer work as a Grab driver,” said Lily in Mapolrestabes Surabaya, Wednesday (7/2/2018).

Upon exit, Chandra committed Grab application manipulation since September 2017.

He bought three phones (HP) Grab driver account, then Chandra bought four HP and registered to Grab application account and made reservations like passengers.

“So who ordered and who received the orderan suspect. The goal pursues the target and intensive from Grab to the driver.

Minimaal one account (driver) received four trips in one day and just got a bonus of Rp 150 thousand, “said Lily.
Chandra’s crime is becoming more serious.

He recruited two friends, Andrew and Mauricino in January 2018 and had 36 accounts, but 12 active accounts. Chandra and two friends also increased the number of HP to launch its crime.

They have 36 HP as Grab account controllers, and 86 HP are used as online taxi booking as if they were passengers or subscribers.

Chandra et al also equipped with 10 modems to support internet data to connect to hundreds of HP.