Sosok.ID- Floods in Jakarta have made the people who live in that city are in trouble.

In fact, there are stories from some people who were affected by the flood.

Like the story below.

No exception for an online taxi driver named Jefri (25).

The reason is, when most people celebrate New Year’s Eve by gathering together with their relatives and relatives, Jefri chose to fall asleep in his deep sleep.

Even Jefri himself was willing to sleep in his Toyota Avanza, which had been accompanying him all day looking for passengers.

However, bad luck afflicts Jefri.

When heavy rains flushed Jakarta from Tuesday (12/31/2019) to Monday (01/01/2020), he was not aware of the tidal water.

Slowly, the water at the waist level of the adult enters between the bodies of his car, which is parked in Taman Kemang I, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

That’s what makes Jefri wake up from a deep sleep after working hard on New Year’s Eve.

“It happened at 4 am, I was sleeping and suddenly woke up, the water was already puddled in the car,” Jefri said, as quoted by the Jakarta Tribune.

Jefri then saved himself by opening the car door despite having to get wet.

Together with his fellow online taxi drivers, the silver colored Avanza car began to be evacuated on Thursday (01/01/2020) afternoon at around 11.08 WIB.

Together they pushed Jefri’s car through the floods in Kemang Raya, which gradually receded.

Hendos, one of Jefri’s professional friends, said that he actually wanted to wake him up when the flood hit the Kemang area.

But alas, Hendos was trapped in a flood after delivering his passenger not far from Jefri’s place.

“I want to save him, but I can’t. Around Kemang, it’s already starting to flood,” he said.

For additional information, heavy rainfall in early 2020 resulted in a number of villages in the North Kemang area, South Jakarta being flooded.

Launching from, the flood that occurred this time became a new flood that came back after 3 years.

As a result, a number of residents had to flee to safer places because the height had reached 40 centimeters to 1.5 meters. (Wise)