A Vocational Student in Jelambar, West Jakarta, named Amar expressed his wish to become an online motorcycle driver to finance his school. Amar’s heartbreak on Facebook became viral after a Facebook account was spread called Herfa.

Through his upload, Amar asked to be registered as a driver. Amar’s desire to become a GrabBike driver is not just a fad but rather to earn extra income to meet school costs while helping to pay for his living expenses.

Now, Amar lives with his grandmother. Both her parents have died since she was a child.

“Amar is now only alone with her grandmother, her parents have been dead since she was five years old, Amar grandmother, whom she calls” Mama “, selling vegetable lontong and rice uduk to meet the necessities of life,” wrote Herfa account.

Amar’s day-to-day activities are now schooling and studying; he also helps his grandmother to shop in the market for trading needs. Under these circumstances, Amar wants to intervene to seek additional income.

“The income of her grandmother who makes Amar too small for the additional income, she chose the side as a Uber driver, but because of the relatively small commissions, Amar wants to be a GrabBike driver that he thinks is a better commission,” he added.

SMK children want to be drivers ojek online. (Facebook)

Amar delinquent school fees this month. Even Amar’s school fee this month is bigger due to the final exam and graduation.

“He hopes to pay off his school fees so he can take the exam calmly,” he said.

In the future, Amar hopes to continue his education to college and to make his grandmother proud. In fact, he also aspires later to study in economics majors.

Amar also wants to be a successful person to help many people.

A number of warganet claim to salute what he did. Many are praying for his goals to be achieved.

“Subhanallah smoga cita2 mu trcapai broh,” said Dede Alal.

“Respect for km .. Prospective successful people in the future,” added Muhammad Rizal Al Khaidz.

“Subhanalloh .. I salute .. Good luck in the future,” said Achmad Fadillah.

“The spirit continues bro .. hopefully people are always given convenience in all affairs n rezekinya.Amiin ya Allah,” wrote Yudhee Arianto.

Source Ruben Setiawan | Rinaldi Aban Suara.com