, Solo – Hundreds of conventional taxi drivers broke down due to a demo rejecting the existence of an application-based taxi that has started operating in Solo. As a result, operational taxis paralyzed for six hours from 08.00 am until 14.00 pm.

Hundreds of taxi cars lined the Slamet Riyadi Road to the Gladag Roundabout Solo. The cab car was left behind by the driver to join with other taxi drivers who staged a demonstration under the statue of Slamet Riyadi at Gladag Roundabout.

The taxi drivers gathered to listen to the speeches from each tax representative related to the rejection demands to stop the operation of the application-based taxi that has penetrated Solo since some time ago.

Not only carrying banners that read criticism and demands, they also shouted the termination of an online taxi threatening their livelihoods.

On the sidelines of the action, hundreds of demonstrators were also entertained by the traditional art action of Reog Ponorogo which belongs to the Kosti Solo taxi company. They joined in dancing and jumping like the sound of gamelan wasps played by the craftsmen. They cheered when reog and female dancers looked engrossed in dancing.

Kosti Taxi Chief Superintendent Solo, Tri Teguh said the demonstration action of black plate-based online transport declaration followed by about 800 taxi drivers in Solo and surrounding areas. The action made the taxi service in Solo stop because all conventional taxi drivers joined.

“There are no taxis operating on this day from 08.00 to 14.00 WIB If the action is not finished yet at 14.00 hours, it will be completed on this day until night,” he said on the sidelines of the demonstration at Roundabout Gladag Solo on Tuesday (11 / 7/2017).

Tri also said that his party has sent a letter to the Governor of Central Java which contains a request to stop the online taxi operation. For that, he also invited the taxi drivers in Semarang to hold a similar action.

According to him, Solo and Semarang are big cities in Central Java so that if the action is done, will get more attention.

Conventional taxi drivers in Solo claimed their income shrank by 40 percent. The amount is not even enough to pay the deposit. ( Abrori)

“However, taxi drivers in Semarang already have agreements in certain zones should not take passengers, which is clearly different from Solo because here it must be totally closed for an online application-based taxi,” he said.

Teguh said, because the taxi online, the income of conventional taxi drivers decreased dramatically. In fact, the drivers also heavily closed the deposit money.

“In addition to impacting the decrease in taxi driver revenue, the presence of black-based license plate cars based on online applications also does not contribute to the government,” he said.

Currently, said Teguh, the number of black-based online car license plane reached 300 fleets. “Uber taxi is his permit in Sukoharjo, but operating in Solo is obviously detrimental to the taxi drivers in Solo We want to reject Uber and to return as early as there is no online taxi,” he said.

One of the taxi drivers Mahkota Ratu, Timan convey the same. He stated the emergence of online taxis adds to the burden of regular taxi drivers. Since the advent of online taxis, its revenue has shrunk by 60 percent.

“Usually, it gets Rp 400 thousand to Rp 500 thousand for Rp 230 thousand and fuel cost, but now, to get the deposit money is hard to ask for forgiveness,” he complained.

To that end, Timan hopes that the existence of online taxis removed in Solo. According to him, the existence of illegal transportation that threatens the income of conventional taxi drivers. “It should be banned in Solo,” he said.