Traveling becomes the lifestyle needs of modern society. Some people make “go around the world” as the target of their life’s achievement. Currently all access to travel abroad easier. Starting from transportation, cost, administration and so forth. For that platform Frasindo Rent launched a special product for those lovers of traveling. You can feel the exclusive experience and explore all the places of interest when traveling in the country of Indonesia cheaply even for free.

These benefits can be perceived by all users or customers of Frasindo Rent or Fras Coin. Frasindo provides Fras Coin users the freedom to collect Coin Rewards from their transactions or redeem them with certain services. Staying at the hotel is more practical, comfortable, and fun. And staying in a hotel with Car Coin is very profitable. There are several benefits you can get if staying at the hotel with Car Coin.

  1. Cheap and Free

For those of you who do not want to spend a lot of money, using Car Coin to stay at the hotel can be an option. There are many types of hotels that you can visit, with a discount or reward from Car Coin you can save your money. And you can use for other purposes

  1. Many Free Facilities

Do not consider staying at a hotel with Car Coin that does not have the facilities, because now with Car Coin, many hotels that you can choose and provide facilities for his guests. Like, Wi-Fi connection, library room, kitchen, game play room, and others.

  1. Suitable For Family Or Couple

For those of you who vacation with a group, your holiday would be more exciting if staying at the hostel. You see, you can sleep crowded in a room that can accommodate many guests. Certainly it can make your relationship more familiar with each other.

  1. One of Solutions For “JOMBLO”

Even though you’re just on vacation alone, staying in a hotel with Car Coin can still be a fun activity. You can socialize with other guests at the hotel. Maybe you can find your soul mate if lucky. HA HA

  1. Great Photo Spots

Most young people do not like something mainstream. The buildings and design of hotels that are not mainstream is perfect for young people. In addition to unique, the design is also instagenic, so suitable for selfie with your camera

  1. Stategic Location

Rarely is there a hotel located in a remote location. Most locations are strategic, near tourist attractions, and many traders are selling. So you will not be bung if you need something.