BATUTIMES – The problem between online drivers and a motorcycle taxi (Opang) as if it never ended. In Banyuwangi, dozens of online taxi drivers almost clashed with the Opang group on Friday (11/10/19). This incident was triggered by an online taxi driver who was hit by an Opang driver regarding the area of ​​a passenger pickup that had just left Rogojampi Station.

This incident occurred in the Rogojampi Station area. Dozens of online taxi drivers come to the Rogojampi Station area, where Opang is located. The atmosphere was hot and almost clashed when several online taxi drivers were looking for Opang drivers who crashed into one of the online taxi drivers Friday morning. “Which one that hit our friend, which person. We have obeyed the agreement. But it’s always like this,” said several taxi drivers online.

Luckily the police officers, members of the TNI and a community leader who were at the location immediately cooled the atmosphere. They invited each group representative to discuss the issue well. Dialogue was also held between these two groups. Mediation was carried out in the room of the Head of Rogojampi Station.

Opang’s group said that the online taxi driver directs passengers to walk. In fact, in an agreement that has been agreed by two parties, online drivers should direct passengers to take a pedicab or Opang to the pickup location on the Provincial Axis road.

In an attempt to mediate by the local Police at the Rogojampi Station office, Opang claimed he did not feel he was taking passengers. Instead he accused that the online party directed passengers who had ordered to walk hundreds of meters to reach the pickup point. “Poor passengers have to walk when it should be directed to ride a pedicab or motorcycle taxi,” said Solikin, an Opang representative.

The online taxi driver claimed that he had never violated the agreed pickup area agreement. In fact, he directed all online taxi drivers to comply with applicable regulations. “From the beginning we have done an existing agreement. Online will always obey the existing rules. So far we have picked up on the front axle of the market. But so far there has been only miscommunication,” said Irwan Dwi Sugiono, an online taxi driver representative.

He said, the results of the meeting would be drafted again to be made as a joint agreement. According to the man called Irwan, he had previously made an agreement twice. First on the Anniversary of Lantas in 2018 and in February 2019 then.

The police, military and community leaders who were the mediators asked both parties to maintain conducive conditions. All problems were asked to be resolved properly.

“In the future after this meeting, everything can be clear so that there are no more gaps. We will first collect Opang, then together make a draft. Then it will be made one later which is not suitable for scribbling, then conical into an agreement,” said Prejengan 2 Hamlet Head, Slamet Priharika who also participated as a mediator.