, BATAM – AGAIN! Conventional taxi drivers and online taxis in Batam City are again involved in a commotion on Monday (07/08/2019) evening, around Nagoya Hill Mall, Batam.

The dispute was triggered by a passenger pick-up point.

In fact, the commotion between the two also spread into Whatsapp communication media in the form of videos.

In the video, it was also seen that the police intervened to resolve the commotion.

According to one of the representatives of the Batam City Special Rental Business Entity Forum (BUAS-KU), Edi, he regretted that this incident continued.

According to him, the commotion occurred when in front of the Nagoya Hill Mall, Batam City, the signpost was installed as a sign of the pick-up point for online taxis in Batam City.

“Whoever put it we don’t know. The task to determine the pick-up point and put a sign at each point is the authority of the Riau Islands Provincial Transportation Agency on Road Traffic and Transportation, “he wrote when contacted via Whatsapp, Tuesday (07/09/2019) morning.

Not only that, Edi admitted, his office requested the firmness of the Riau Islands Transportation Agency to immediately resolve the problem of online taxi licensing in the Riau Islands Province, especially in Batam City.

“Must be firm. Because if there is no permit issued, this problem will continue, “he wrote.

Previously, the commotion between conventional taxis and online taxis in Batam City has happened many times.

Several times, the Department of Transportation (Dishub) of the Riau Islands Province has called on both parties to conduct deliberations to determine the pick-up point for passengers in Batam City.

A total of 47 passenger pick-up points have been agreed.

The Riau Islands Transportation Agency, through the Head of Road Traffic and Transportation (LLAJ), Frengki Willianto said, some time ago, Friday (05/03/2019), his party had called both parties (base taxis and online taxis) to re-discuss related matters Online taxi passenger pick-up points have not been agreed.

Frengki hopes that the dispute between the two can be resolved soon.

“We remain based on Law Number 22 Year 2009. Every public transport that takes passengers must attach their permits, both administration and other permits.

In another big city it’s finished, we will also finish it in the near future. “As long as both parties can cooperate,” he explained some time ago.