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The Jakarta residents complain about the hot and polluted city atmosphere. It is reasonable to see the conditions in Jakarta are increasingly crowded by humans. So no wonder if almost all who live in Jakarta want to run away soon when the holiday arrives. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is famous as a crowded city, stuck, and has little natural attractions. As the capital of the country, the city of Jakarta holds a lot of history, so there are many historic sights you can visit here. The National Monument (Monas) or Kota Tua is one of Jakarta’s most famous historical attractions. Places of natural nuance to be a dream of Jakarta residents for a vacation. Usually they choose the towns around West Java which location is not too far away. But this super-crowded city also has the potential of a beautiful beach tourism. Is there a beautiful beach in Jakarta and its surroundings and can make the fatigue of congestion in Jakarta disappear? Of course there is, even quite a lot! In the discussion this time, we will give some references of beach resorts in Jakarta.

  1. Ancol Beach

Ancol is one of the iconic beach rides in the city of Jakarta. This tourist place is so famous that it is no wonder if those who come from outside the city of Jakarta or from within the city itself likes to visit Ancol. During the holiday season, Ancol is always full of visitors. This is due to the many entertainment offered by Ancol, such as the arena of the ocean, the world of fantasy (dufan) and many others.

  1. Teluk Jakarta

Jakarta Bay is an area that is still in one region with Kepulauan Seribu. This place can be a fitting place to release the fatigue after tired of struggling with daily routine and need a vacation. There is much to do here like hire a boat to get around. You can rent a boat from Ancol or use a boat owned by fishermen in Gong Bay, Tangerang. Here are also available cottages that you can rent to spend the night and stay away from tired Jakarta. Do you want to see the beauty of coral reefs? Try to do snorkeling in shallow seas.

All the beaches above you can enjoy easily using Frasindo Rent service. You will be well served and safe to move from place to place.