Not only able to be a bridge between passengers and riders, Uber and Go-Jek seeks to provide comfort for its users to be able to run fast fasting. Both provide a special offer that is quite interesting during the month of Ramadan.

Uber for example, which promises quick delivery of fast food. The new service is named after UberBUKA which has been enjoyed since yesterday so that during Ramadan took place.

“UberBuka is a service that works with many local restaurants in Indonesia, just by pressing the button, it does not take long, then food and beverage to break the fast is present,” said Uber in his official statement on Friday, June 19, 2015.

It said the Uber, in utilizing this service is very easy, the user just pressing UberBUKA menu option in Uber application that is in the smartphone. After writing down the complete address and desired menu, the food is promised to come within 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, this UberBUKA only applies to the buyers in the area SCBD and Kuningan, starting at 17:00 pm until 20:00 pm. Some of the restaurants that are invited to work together are Iscakestory, Kue Tjubit, Magia, Danbiis, Tapong, Trim Eats, Dudes of Gourmet, Crunchymelt, Warluf, Pizza E Birra and Sushi Groove.

Not only Uber, GO-Jek also spoil its users by extending the flat rate program Rp10.000. Initially, the program that took place since Monday, June 8, 2015 will be stopped at the beginning of Ramadan. But then Go-Jek decided to extend the duration of the program due to the enthusiasm of Go-Jek customers.

“The number of Go-Jek app downloads from this promo is increasing rapidly, doubling every day.Now the total install of Go-Jek app is around 650K downloads, so we continue until June 27. Rates Rp10.000 all services outside of dawn , “said Pinkan Irwin, VP of Marketing Go-Jek Indonesia, to, Friday, June 19, 2015.

This program is a flat rate of Rp10.000 applicable to use all Go-Jek services ie Instant Courier, Shopping, Transport and GO-FOOD. In accordance with the name of this program, Ceban means that Go-Jek customers only pay Rp10,000 for all services